You can only enter the center of Seville by car if there are free parking spaces

With the arrival of Christmas , the center of Seville re- armoring the traffic . From 9 in the morning to 10 in the evening of tomorrow and until the next day on January 7, 2009, only certain streets can be accessed and only as long as there are free spaces in the underground car parks.

The circulation of private vehicles will also be restricted in three other areas of the city: the Nervión-Luis de Morales axis, the Avda. of Andalusia-Round of the Tamarguillo and the one of the rontonda of the Palace of Congresses. In addition, control of the double row in the Pius XII round will be intensified.

The objective is “to give absolute priority to the pedestrian over the private vehicle and to use public transport

In this special device 1,500 troops will participate, of which 1,048 will be agents of the Local Police . The rest of the staff will be made up of members of the Fire, Civil Protection and Cecop corps. The objective, according to Francisco Fernández, delegate of Mobility, is “to give absolute priority to the pedestrian over the private vehicle. And to make citizens aware so that these days those who access the commercial and leisure areas of the city use public transport ».

There will be eight points of permanent permanent access for residents, public transport, emergency vehicles, loading and unloading (although only at set times – between 00.00 and 11 and between 15 and 17 hours – and customers of hotel establishments, private vehicles may also be accessed until the occupation of the parking area on the surface of the blue zone and of the underground car parks for public use is completed.

There will be, on the other hand, four points in which traffic regulation measures will be adopted if the intensity so advises: Baños, at its confluence with the Tournament; Calatrava, at the height of Calle Crédito; Campana, at its confluence with Martín Villa; and Escuelas Pías, at its intersection with Matahacas.

Anti-vandalism ordinance

Although it has been in force for weeks, until now it has not been applied effectively (only for information purposes). It will be from tomorrow when the antivandalic ordinance will come into effect effectively.

Sale of pyrotechnic articles

There are only seven establishments authorized for the sale of pyrotechnic products and their supply is prohibited as of 00.00 hrs, street vendors, children under 12 years old or persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Cabalgatas de Reyes

A total of 397 agents of the Local Police will participate in the Cabalgata del Ateneo, which will have an advanced command post in the cortege. In the 26 cavalcades of the neighborhoods 85 police officers will be involved.

The use of the bike is limited in 27 streets

The users of the bicycle will have their circulation restricted by 27 downtown streets from tomorrow. Between 10 o’clock in the morning and 10 o’clock in the evening, that is to say during commercial hours, it will not be possible to circulate in places like Tetuán, San Eloy, Puente and Pellón … The infraction is typified as a slight fault, for which it entails a fine of 60 euros.

More public transport

During these days, Tussam will increase its offer by 10% on working days and 12% on holidays. Meanwhile, Metrocentro will do it in 15% in working days, and in 25% in Saturdays and holidays. Buses change their schedules on these dates: on 24 and 31 the last departure from the headers will be at 9.30 pm and since then the night service will work. On day 25 and 1 the service will start at 09.00. The night service of the 25 will end at 03:00 and the day 1 will last all night.