Sales of hybrid cars are rising: How much do they cost to own a day

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The sale of hybrid cars has risen dramatically here at home, after the tax reduction in November last year has led to a price starting to approach the prices of gasoline cars.

On November 9 last year, the Folketing decided to make a tax change that made winds in the sails for sale of both the ‘regular’ hybrid cars and the more advanced plug-in hybrid cars.

Among the regular hybrid cars, Toyota is heavily on the market, where Toyota Yaris and the somewhat bigger Toyota Auris are among the most popular models of Danish hybrid buyers, while for the more advanced plug-in hybrid cars, Kia and VW Golf dominate the sales lists .

We have analyzed what exactly those models cost in daily expenses, and here it is clear that prices are becoming competitive – especially if you need to drive short or medium distances.

Hybrid cars are cheaper to buy as new at the dealer and it is felt at the bottom line, where they cost 183 kroner and 260 kroner a day, while the figure for the more advanced hybrid models Kia Vision and VW Golf is NOK 264 and NOK 314 respectively. in daily expenses.

E-Golf cheapest on fuel and healthier to the environment

Here, it is worth noting that while Kia Vision and VW Golf are both categorized as plug-in hybrid cars, they distinguish themselves from the fact that where the former drives the first 50 km on clean electricity and then switches to gasoline, VW Golf a clean electric car, and the latter is significantly cheaper in fuel, making it competitive despite its slightly higher purchase price.

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