Fake car tires: how to avoid scams

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The growth in the number of fake tires in circulation is recently making it necessary to raise awareness among all drivers in this area. The imitations, in fact, are very similar to the original models, to the point that the distinction between original and counterfeit can be very difficult indeed.

The trade in fakes in question finds fertile ground in online stores, where consumers are attracted by extremely affordable offers in terms of price. These sites can be identified by verifying the transparency and completeness of the information provided regarding the product, usually scarce.

The collective and individual economic damage is compounded by the risk that a poorly executed tire will result in road safety .

how to choose tires.

The most efficient indicator at the end is the price : the exaggerated economy of high quality products (in theory), to say the least far-fetched, is the alarm bell that must deter the consumer from buying, especially online.

In essence, the best advice remains to go only to authorized dealers and recognized professionals, so as to avoid that an incorrect purchase puts at risk the safety of the driver, his loved ones, and the environment.