Fake car tires: how to avoid scams

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The growth in the number of fake tires in circulation is recently making it necessary to raise awareness among all drivers in this area. The imitations, in fact, are very similar to the original models, to the point that the distinction between original and counterfeit can be very difficult indeed.

The trade in fakes in question finds fertile ground in online stores, where consumers are attracted by extremely affordable offers in terms of price. These sites can be identified by verifying the transparency and completeness of the information provided regarding the product, usually scarce.

The collective and individual economic damage is compounded by the risk that a poorly executed tire will result in road safety .

how to choose tires.

The most efficient indicator at the end is the price : the exaggerated economy of high quality products (in theory), to say the least far-fetched, is the alarm bell that must deter the consumer from buying, especially online.

In essence, the best advice remains to go only to authorized dealers and recognized professionals, so as to avoid that an incorrect purchase puts at risk the safety of the driver, his loved ones, and the environment.

Car: buying advice for private car buyers

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Even experienced motorists are not sure: What’s up when buying a car? What do I have to consider and where do I have to make concessions?

Follow a few simple tips and make a good first impression of the vehicle – even without specialist knowledge.

Tip: Use our free downloadable material at the end of this article and look for the Car Purchase Advice checklist to keep track of the most important items when you’re looking at a car!

Car Buying Advice: Used Car Basics

Buy “from private” or buy from the dealer? The advantage of buying a car from a dealer is, on the one hand, that many dealers thoroughly check their vehicles before the cars are offered. For a reputable dealer, you can be sure that at least all major deficiencies are resolved or specified before the purchase as a defect. On the other hand, dealers are required by law to take over the repair of defects, which were demonstrably known at the time of sale, two years after the vehicle has been handed over.

The advantage of private sellers, however, is that the vehicles are usually offered at a significantly lower retail price, because unlike the dealer, the private seller does not have to cover the sales with any additional costs. The disadvantage of a private seller: Even if the seller acts to the best of his knowledge and belief, it may be that some defects go unnoticed.

Tip: Dealers’ financing offers are often the worse choice. Cash payers save up to 20 percent!

The older, the cheaper – and the more often in the workshop Especially with cheap vehicles, which are usually driven many miles, it is difficult to say how often the car in the future must go to the workshop. Therefore, it is important to determine the general condition of the car, because it gives an idea of ​​the many small details that cause enormous costs in the worst case.

A note gives for example the checkbook:

Is there a checkbook? If no checkbook is available (a kind of service plan or “maintenance booklet”, a proof of whether the vehicle was regularly maintained in a specialist workshop), this does not necessarily have to be a bad sign. Especially with small cars often no checkbook is performed. However, if one is available and works trustworthy (eg by regular visits to the workshop), this is a plus!

TÜV and HU note Especially with cheap vehicles, it is annoying if you have to directly after the purchase to the TÜV, because this costs money. If you have paid for the car only a few hundred euros, additional TÜV and workshop fees are quite significant.

Purchase advice: inspecting the car from the outside

Note gaps Due to the gap dimensions, even a layman can quite easily determine whether the car had an accident. The gap dimensions are the distance between two components, eg between the driver’s door and the body or the bonnet and the fender.

If this gap is significantly narrower at one point than elsewhere, there was possibly a rear-end collision – clearly a reason for a price reduction!

The same applies to color differences in individual car parts: If, for example, the driver’s door has a different color shade than the rest of the car, the door was probably painted over or even replaced after a parking damage. This is also a reason to reduce the price!

Tire Note Down-worn tires are basically no problem but incur costs. A car for eg cheap 1,000 euros will be significantly more expensive under the line, if in addition to the purchase price again 400 euros for new tires are due.

According to the legislature, the tires may be lowered to a profile depth of 1.6 mm, but anything below 2.5 mm is considered dangerous.

Also pay attention to whether summer, winter or year tires are raised. When winter is around the corner, cars have to be retrofitted with summer tires! If the “wrong” tires are raised, this is hardly a reason for a price reduction.

Headlamps, brake lights and turn signals When driving around the car, it should be checked whether all lights work. A defective bulb is changed fast, but a defective headlight is not. If the worst comes to the worst, get a new light bulb at the nearest gas station to be really sure it’s not on the spotlight.

Spoilers and other decos Especially young car buyers often find it great when the car has various optical embellishments. Here you should, however, urgently show, whether spoilers and other attachments are also registered in the vehicle registration!

Caution: spoilers and other “sporty” components can be an indication of a particularly rapid driving style of the previous owner, which is often not good for the car. Special attention should be paid to such vehicles.

Tip: When it comes to car financing, it does not always have to be a car loan . If you have a good credit rating, you may be better off with a classic installment loan . You do not have enough seed money? A balloon financing comes without a deposit.

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Purchase advice: Car inspection from inside

Does the interior of the vehicle correspond to the stated mileage on the odometer and the vehicle age? Unfortunately, it happens now and then that the mileage was manipulated and not the actual mileage of the vehicle is on the clock. This is difficult or even impossible to recognize even for experts.

An indication of a manipulation can be worn seats or a clearly worn steering wheel. Ask yourself: For example, do the heavily seated seats suit the comparatively low mileage of 80,000 kilometers on the clock?

When in doubt: hands off the vehicle!

Car buying advice: engine, transmission and brakes

Are there any unusual sounds? Even if you are unfamiliar: Unusual sounds can sometimes be recognized as untrained drivers. So be sure to leave the radio off during the test drive to hear any noise!

Watch out for:

  • unusual sounds from the engine compartment,
  • unusual noises when switching.

Glimpse into the engine compartment: Everything shines like new? Be suspicious, because then maybe here with a sg engine spray helped – what sellers like to do, if the attention should be distracted by a problem.

How well does the car brake? Do a brake test on an open area such as an empty supermarket parking lot. Ask the seller for permission before!

Does the car keep the track? Drive straight on a clear surface and see if the car “pulls” to the left or to the right, so without leaving the track. If he does this, a costly wheel alignment may be needed.

Attention: Even poorly inflated tires can be the reason for a slight drift to the left or right! With a short stop at the gas station you can easily exclude this possibility.

What about the liquid levels? Although brake fluid, oil and wash water are quickly and cheaply replenished, they can also be a sign of carefree care.

What do the rubber hoses and seals look like? Even as a layman can be seen on closer inspection, whether rubber parts are porous.

Car buffering: here’s what you need to know

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Driving a vehicle requires a lot of attention: you have to be ready to respect road signs, any dangers and manage your driving style according to the conditions of the vehicle and the climate. It may happen that we are involved – as victims or cause – of a rear-end collision precisely because the level of attention has failed or because we have been timely to avoid the collision.

What is actually a curtain?

We can speak of a rear-end collision when a vehicle collides , so it is not appropriate to use the term to define all the other types of impacts that may occur while driving a vehicle.

The collision between two or more vehicles is caused, in most cases, by non-compliance with the provisions concerning the safety distance. This type of violation involves the assignment of responsibility, almost immediately, to the person driving the vehicle that is tampering.

What a collision involves

The infill is governed by art.149 of the Highway Code (Safety distance between vehicles). The article already from paragraph 1 clarifies the behavior to keep while driving a vehicle.

When driving, the vehicles must keep a safety distance with respect to the vehicle in front, such that timely stops are guaranteed and collisions with the vehicles in advance are avoided.

Who causes tamponing is always wrong?

In a rear-end collision there is an obvious violation of the Code by the person driving the vehicle that is plugging. The person who caused the collision, having violated the art.149 of the CdS, will be subject to an administrative sanction and will have to pay a sum between € 41 and € 168.

In the event that the failure of the rule caused a collision from which the vehicles involved have reported serious damage – which may give rise to doubts about the safety conditions for traffic – they must be subjected to a single overhaul and the motorist will have to pay a fine between € 84 and € 335.

The collision that generates serious injuries to people (in addition to damage to property) provides for the driver an administrative penalty between € 419 to € 1,682, subject to the application of criminal penalties for crimes of negligent injury or negligent homicide.

How many points of the license are deducted?

Not observing the safety distance, element from which a simple crash can result , will make you lose 3 points from the license if the collision has caused slight damage to property. The points reduced will become 5 in cases where the damage caused to things will be serious. Finally, in the most serious case, or when injuries are generated from the impact, the points that will be taken from the license will be 8.

Is it possible to suspend the driving license due to a crash?

The suspension of the driving license, from one to three months, of the motorist who in a period of two years violated at least twice the safety distance and then caused a rear-end collision.

Things get complicated if the crash causes serious injury to people, be it the driver or passengers of the other cars. In the event that the accident causes a personal negligent injury, by law, a license suspension is expected from fifteen days to three months. When a serious or very serious culpable personal injury derives from the act, the suspension of the license is up to two years. In the case of involuntary homicide, the suspension is up to four years.

If the collision – generated by a motorist under the influence of drugs and / or intoxication – has caused a serious or very serious culpable personal injury or victim, the judge will apply the revocation of the license.

What to do if you are involved in a collision

When we are hit by a collision , after the scare, there are concerns about the vehicle and the occupants of the passenger compartment. Keep calm and recover lucidity, necessary to resolve the issue as soon as possible, but without making mistakes.

In the case of minor damage to the vehicle it is advisable to sign a double signature friendly finding . The operation requires the completion of the CAI Model , provided by your insurance company or downloadable from the internet. The model must be completed in all its parts and paying close attention to the data entered and the signature of both drivers.

In the presence of a chain tamponade , therefore with damage to both the rear and the front of the vehicle, it is necessary to fill in two models . One is necessary to solve the problem with the car that precedes, the other with the car that has buffered. In the presence of more complex crashes, perhaps in which several vehicles are involved or in which there is no agreement between the parties involved, it is recommended to request the intervention of the authorities that will verbalize the declarations.

In the following days – as soon as possible to start the “insurance car” – you must report the claim to your insurance company and file a claim for damages. The company, in the presence of a complete request for all information, is required to respond with an offer of compensation:

  • within 30 days , in the event of damage to vehicles and property and with the CAI model signed by both drivers of the vehicles;
  • within 60 days, in the presence of damage to vehicles and property but with CAI model signed only by one of the drivers involved in the rear-end collision;
  • within 90 days, if the collision caused damage to the driver and to the people.

After receiving the proposal from the company, the vehicle must be brought by the coach builder for planned repairs. The fastest and most functional method, as reported by a direct testimony, is to rely on conventional body shops . Each insurance company has its own, easily traceable, which will repair the vehicle and will be paid directly by the company. Otherwise, the insured may request the company to use an unconventional bodywork, but this request may be refused.

The infill may cause minor injuries and you may experience pain even a few hours after the accident. These injuries can be ascertained by the doctors of the nearest Emergency Room through appropriate checks. The structure will issue to the injured person a report on which the days of prognosis and the care to be submitted will be reported. The biological damage can be determined through a medical procedure that will allow you to claim full damages. All physical damage must be documented by clinical findings, even the most common “whiplash”.

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What to do in the presence of an accident

What should be done if a tamponade causes serious damage to people? Stop immediately, check the conditions of the injured, wait for help and law enforcement officers for the remarks. It does not matter who is “the fault” of the infusion, from which perhaps other complications have arisen: for the Supreme Court anyone who does not allow his identification (if involved in the accident) may be subject to denunciation for escape from the accident site.

Attention, the pause of the subject must last the time necessary to start the first investigations. So, if you have caused or you are also a victim of a slight crash you are obliged to stop and possibly to call the rescue and / or the traffic police. The violation of the law can be punished with a term of imprisonment of between six months and three years, better not to risk it.

Chain buffer: who pays the damages?

Chain buffering is one of the most frequent situations. It can occur in both city streets and in high-speed roads. In this case it is not possible to proceed with the direct compensation, but it is necessary to request damages to the insurance company of the vehicle responsible for the accident.

In a chain-collision situation, even for reasons related to agitation, it may be problematic to identify the person responsible for the accident. Before compiling the CAI models, a distinction must be made between a chain infill between means stopped at the end of the one between moving vehicles .

  • When the chain crash occurs between stationary means , perhaps for traffic reasons or simply at the red light, the only person responsible for the accident is the driver who generated the first collision from which the subsequent rear-end collisions have originated. Ultimately, claims for damages must be sent to the driver’s insurance company which generated the first collision.
  • In the event that the chain crash occurs between moving vehicles , perhaps for an immediate decentralization of one of the vehicles, the basic principle according to which the driver of the last vehicle is responsible for the damage caused to the vehicle that proceeds that, in turn, he is responsible for colliding with the vehicle in front of him. In practice, more than a non-observance of the safety distance with respect to the vehicle in front occurs. If you provide a release test to have done everything possible to avoid tamponing, even if moving, the second / third vehicle will not be held responsible for the damage caused.

What happens if I suffer two short-term infusions?

On the road can happen anything, even in a very short time you are the victim of two or more plugging maybe reporting the same damage to the vehicle. At first sight the situation could generate a misunderstanding between the insured and the company, the scam is always lurking, so we advise you to take full advantage of the direct indemnity .

The procedure will not only allow you to be liquidated in a short time , so as to repair the vehicle quickly, but also to take advantage of a “greater credibility” towards the company. Remember that the claim for damages with direct compensation is not applicable with road accidents involving multiple vehicles (eg chain crash).

Buffering in car sharing

The sharing of cars has revolutionized, at least in the big cities, the mobility of Italians. Obviously, even in car sharing it can cause or be the victim of a road traffic jam. How should we behave in these cases? The first thing to do is to report, through the call center, the incident to the company with which you have signed the car sharing contract (operation made at the time of online registration to the portal) and then fill out the CAI model or request the law enforcement intervention for the most serious cases. Finally forward the documentation to the car sharing company.

In the event that you caused a collision with this type of car, your class of merit will not undergo any changes, but the company with which the car was insured will be able to claim damages caused to other vehicles or people.

How to repair your car after a slight light curtain

If your car has suffered a small blow, you can rely on the “do it yourself” and repair it at a lower cost . In the market there are many kits and, to help you in your choice, I show you the offers that Amazon offers its customers:

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Buying a car in the UK – is it worth it?

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There’s no doubt that the significant fall in the value of sterling since the Brexit vote in June 2016 has made it much more attractive for Irish secondhand car buyers to travel to the United Kingdom to purchase a car.

The euro has gained nearly 15% against the pound since then, going from 76.5p just prior to Brexit to around 87.6p this week.

The single currency reached an eight-year high of 92.6p last summer.

This currency shift has already had a huge impact on the Irish used car market.

Figures earlier this week from the Central Statistics office showed secondhand car imports into Ireland jumped by nearly 20% in April when compared with the same month last year.

8,671 used cars were imported into the country during the month, a rise of about 1,400 on the same month in 2017.

Virtually all of these imports are coming from the UK.

Also, for the first four months of this year, the number of used cars being brought into Ireland has risen by 10.8% to 33,377.

So, a lot of car buyers obviously think there is money to be saved in leaving the jurisdiction to buy their next car, but how much?

How much can a UK visit save you?

That’s the big question, and the answer is that it really depends how much you’re spending and where you go to buy your car.

Obviously, the more you spend, the higher the potential saving to be made.

But other factors should be considered, such as whether you decide to travel to Northern Ireland or Great Britain.

Although used car prices in the North are very competitive when compared with the Republic, there are even lower prices available in Britain, as there is a larger supply and wider range of vehicles there.

However, for a potential buyer coming from the Republic, it is much easier – and less time-consuming – to drive to Northern Ireland to buy a car than it is to book a ferry and travel to Britain, and potentially spend more money on things such as accommodation, food, and other travel expenses.

Another consideration is Vehicle Registration Tax, or VRT, which must be paid on any car imported into the country.

The rate of VRT payable varies depending on the age of a car, its specifications, and its value

The Revenue has a handy VRT calculator on its website, which can help you determine the likely VRT that will be due on a car you’re seeking to buy.

But be warned, this calculator is by no means a definitive guide and could vary from the final amount you pay Revenue.

We’ve used dealer asking prices on similar cars in both Ireland and the UK, and the Revenue’s VRT calculator, to compile examples of potential savings that are available on buying a car abroad.

In addition, we have chosen conservative prices so as not to overstate the difference in price, but – if you do your research – the savings on the below examples could be even higher.

Note, the final cost of cars in our examples do not factor in travel expenses – fuel, ferry, accommodation, etc.

Our examples focus on the top-selling new cars in Ireland from April of this year. They are the Nissan Qashqai, Hyundai Tucson, Volkswagen Golf, Ford Focus, and the Skoda Octavia.

In each case we have researched a number of both euro and sterling advertisements to ascertain a representative average price, which we think the chosen example accurately reflects. 

The UK car ads are all taken from Northern Ireland-based dealers.

BMW will launch its autonomous level 4 car starting in 2021

BMW has confirmed that it will create a new center in Germany dedicated to autonomous driving with a workforce of more than 2,000 people.

The German car company BMW will launch its first autonomous cars of level 4 (check the six levels of classification of the autonomous car), with the BMW iNext project, as part of the development of new mobility solutions that the company is carrying out.

BMW indicated that personal mobility and its industrial application are on the threshold of a “technological quantum leap” and stressed that the automobile and the technologies that propel it will change more in the next ten years than they have in the past 30 years.

Thus, the Munich-based firm recalled that in 2006 it started testing an automated vehicle and highlighted that in the following years it presented different initiatives in this field such as the Valet Parking Remote assistant in the BMW i3 or the automated parking control with gestures , also in the i3.

BMW started in 2006 the testing of an automated vehicle. From the company they pointed out that the first autonomous vehicles, together with highly automated models, will be launched between 2020 and 2030 . Thus, he added that cars with high automation will be introduced first on motorways, while self-employed cars will be introduced in urban centers, as part of pilot projects.

However, the Bavarian firm stressed that this type of advances in driving must be accompanied by the latest technology, such as laser scanners, cameras behind the windshield , radar sensors, ultrasonic sensors , GPS and Big Data technology.

At the same time, he pointed out that all these technological advances must be linked to legislative changes . Thus, he stressed that delegate responsibility for control of driving to the vehicle for a certain time will be allowed in Germany before the end of the year and progressively in other countries.

On the other hand, the automotive corporation recalled that, at the end of 2016, it had 600 employees who were working on the development of autonomous driving and stated that it is launching a new center in Germany in relation to this area of ​​work.

This installation, once the construction works are completely finished, will have a staff of more than 2,000 people who will be responsible for future developments of autonomous driving in the future.

Alliance with Continental

The BMW Group has taken another step in the field of autonomous driving: as a result of the acquisition of a stake in HERE in 2014, and its collaborations with Intel, Mobileye (since 2016) and other partners, the BMW Group has given the good for the mass production of the BMW iNext , a visionary vehicle that includes all the functions mentioned above and, at the same time, helps drivers in their daily routine.

In addition, according to a press release, the technology company Continental has partnered with BMW Group, Intel and Mobileye for the development of autonomous driving systems .

Continental will bring to this group its experience in the chain of assistance processes and automation of driving. In particular, it will focus on the development of system integration functions, including driver supervision and motion control, as well as simulation and validation of functions.